Why Getting the Ax Can Be a Good Thing

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by Carrie

This morning we announced via our Newsletter that some of our regular scents would be discontinued.   I know...boo, hiss.  But there's a method to our madness.  (As a side note, if you're not signed up for our newsletter, you really should be!  You can do it right here.) 

The bad news?  We're saying good-bye to Wisdom, Relaxation, Motivation, and Purpose.

The good news?  They're not gone forever.

Our new Limited Edition (3 oz.) soaps offer the perfect opportunity for us to bring back some well-loved scents without the challenge of keeping up with them in our regular line-up.  So be watching for these 4 to make some reappearances after the first of the year.  

We have so much we want to offer, including product concepts that are waiting in the wings (yes...aftershave splash is on The List).  And in order to best serve you and keep our sanity we knew some changes needed to be made.  We recently implemented a new work/family/school schedule that has been a tremendous help in keeping us on track and moving forward efficiently and effectively.  Tightening up our core scent line was the next task on the list, so this move is a result of taking a long, hard look at our sales and your feedback.  

We're feeling good about the new changes and are excited about this step forward.  Journey on!


(I'll leave you with this really cool product shot in a really familiar shape.)


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