Seasonal Scent Crew 2019

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Seasonal Scent Crew 2019

We're doing things differently in 2019, and that includes how we're running the annual Seasonal Scent Crew.  The SSC is seriously one of our most favorite parts of Soap Commander and we're so excited to dig in and get this started again!

For those of you familiar with the Seasonal Scent Crew, we'll give a quick run down of some changes for this year.  If you've never participated in SSC before, jump down a bit to the section that begins with ** and we'll fill you in on this exciting opportunity!


  1. ALL members are now testers.
  2. We've done away with different levels (gold/silver/bronze) and are enabling you to build your own package.
  3. Aftershave Splash is now added as an option for the seasonal products.
  4. The SSC program runs with the calendar year, not Winter-to-Fall as before.
  5. International friends who want to participate will need to contact us to work out details for additional shipping costs.


**Our Seasonal Scent Crew is a special group of members who have the opportunity to choose the Soap Commander scent for each season of the year.  Members test 3 shaving soap samples each season and cast a vote for their favorite.  The winning scent then becomes our Seasonal Scent, and, subsequently, part of your shaving den.  (This process is repeated each season.)

 We offer an opportunity to join the SSC just once a year, and we have a limited number of spots, so be ready!  During sign-up you choose which products you’d like to receive each season.  It can be just the shaving soap, or the whole shebang of shaving soap, aftershave splash, aftershave balm, and bath soap, or any combination of those.  Then, each season you’ll receive a package from us with those items made in the current seasonal scent.  (These will arrive on your doorstep before the public has the opportunity to purchase them—you always get them first.)  There’s nothing more you need to pay and nothing more you need to do….except have fun testing out soap!


A few additional details:

 We cannot change your package, so be intentional in selecting the items you want to receive in your seasonal shipment.  Additionally, we cannot add additional products to any SSC shipment (please place a separate order for additional items). 

 Memberships cannot be canceled/refunded, but they can be transferred to another person at your request.

 We love our international friends and don’t want to exclude them, but international shipping prices make the cost of SSC participation challenging for both sides.  If you live internationally and want to be a part of the Crew, please contact me directly so we can discuss the details of additional shipping costs.


SSC 2019 Costs:

Shaving Soap only: $96 (all members must purchase at least the shaving soap)

Aftershave Splash:  + $82

Aftershave Balm:  + $38

Bath Soap:  + $18


If you have any questions, please let us know!  We want to make this as fun, personalized, and straight-forward as possible for everyone.  Contact me at for more info or to let me know if I can clarify the details.

Have you been a part of the Seasonal Scent Crew before?  Tell us what you loved about it!


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