Seasonal Scent Crew....What Is It?

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by Carrie

We sent out tester soaps (and a few treats) to our Gold level Season Scent Crew today and received a lot of inquiries wondering what the program is exactly and how to sign up.  So here's an overview of how the Seasonal Scent Crew (SSC) works.

Basically, the SSC is an opportunity to partner with us and pre-buy a year's worth of Soap Commander Seasonal shaving soaps at a discounted price.  There are no hidden fees, shipping charges, or any other "surprises".  Just a straight-forward system to make sure you receive a year's worth of our seasonal products.  The shipments will arrive to you the week prior to their official release (4 times a year), and you don't need to do a thing except enjoy them.

We have 3 membership levels available, depending on what products you are interested in:

  • BRONZE: Shaving soap only
  • SILVER: Shaving soap & Aftershave Balm
  • GOLD: Shaving soap, Aftershave Balm, & Bath Soap

An additional perk for our Gold members is that they have the opportunity to help us choose the upcoming season's scent.  We send each Gold Member a small packet with 3-4 tester soaps (as in the picture above) that they try out for a while and then share their feedback with us.  The sample soap with the highest number of votes becomes next season's Seasonal Scent.  

The sign-up period for joining our SSC happens around Thanksgiving (Black Friday weekend).  We will announce specific dates as we get closer to that time of year, but if you follow us on social media or get our newsletter you'll know well in advance of when that happens.  

One other detail to note....the "year" for SSC runs from Winter - Fall.  So the seasonal scent for Fall 2015 will be the last shipment for our current Crew.  Those who sign up this November/December will begin receiving their seasonal products at the end of December (for Winter 2015-2016) and will subsequently receive shipments for Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2016.  

Our first year for the Seasonal Scent Crew will soon be coming to a close and I have to say that it's been more fun than we ever expected.  We hope you'll consider joining us for next year's SSC at a membership level that's a good fit for you.  If you have any questions about the program, don't hesitate to contact us via email or one of our social media channels.  

Looking forward to finding out what the 2015 Fall Seasonal Scent is going to be!


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