While we’ve always been grateful for our community workers, our family has a new respect and appreciation for our First Responders.  The training, promptness, perseverance, and skill of the men and women who answered the call on the night of Luke’s accident had a direct and pivotal impact on the fact that our son is still with us today. 

As a small token of appreciation, we will now be offering a 10% discount to all current police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians within the United States.  In order for us to provide you the First Responder discount code, we need for you to email us at info@soapcommander.com with your qualifying information (simply let us know what city, state and department you are assigned).

Again, we here at Soap Commander appreciate you and your family's sacrifice to our communities around our Nation and we are eternally thankful for your life saving and tireless efforts.