7 Alternative Uses for Aftershave Balm

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by Carrie

Did you know that our Aftershave Balm is more than just an aftershave balm?  While its most popular use is as a post-shave moisturizer, many of you have reported utilizing it it for other purposes.  

We reached out via social media and asked people to share some of the other tasks that our aftershave balm can tackle.  Here's a few of the most popular (and surprising) responses: 

7 Alternative Uses for Soap Commander Aftershave Balm

  1. Daily Face Lotion.  This was by far the most popular alternative job for the balm.  Numerous men reported using the ASB as an every day moisturizer, whether they shaved or not.  (Carrie's Routine---I use it daily on my arms after getting out of the shower.  I find that especially in the summer time I'm enjoying the lighter feel of the ASB as compared to the lotion, and my skin is staying soft, hydrated, and well moisturized all day long.)
  2. Foot Lotion.  This one's for the ladies!  The menthol kick in the balm creates a great cooling and relaxing sensation, especially when a special guy pairs it with a nice, leisurely foot rub (hint, hint, fellas).
  3. Post-Sun Relief.  Soothing aloe combined with cooling menthol is a real treat for skin that's taken a beating by the sun.
  4. Freshen Up.  Meeting with an important client?  Need a quick boost before tending to patients?  Keeping a bottle of ASB at work gives you the opportunity to feel refreshed, invigorated, and confident when dealing with co-workers or customers.  A quick mid-shift slather can be a great boost to you (and those around you).
  5. Cool Down.  Especially in the heat of summer, a little ASB after working outdoors provides some quick & easy cool-down relief.
  6. Deodorant.  Not much explanation needed on this one.  This probably wouldn't be a great option for everyone, but if you already have the ASB on hand it wouldn't hurt to give it a try.
  7. Hair Cream.  This response definitely had us intrigued.  So we went to the source and asked the author to elaborate:
    "For about the last four years I have used pomades, mainly water base. I also use Suave's Groom and Clean on a regular basis. In the Summer of 2014 I moved from NC back home to MS. It was there that I had to start being very aware of what I put in my hair due to the heat and humidity. It is not that the pomades wouldn't work, it was that they would melt in the heat. I began to rotate pomades due to seasons. It was sometime just before the beginning of the year I went to my barber to get a cut, and it was one of those days. I told him to take it down on the sides, almost like a high and tight. He did. I felt kinda raw, and so when I got home, I reached for Soap Commander Balm. Just rubbing it in after a shower, I figured not to put anything else in my hair. I was able, to my surprise, style it. The top was still long, and I was able to do my pomp. I figured it would go down. Well, it did slightly, but I was still extremely happy with it. Using Soap Commander Balm in my hair provides me with a non-greasy, light/med hold. I can run my fingers through my hair. I work in government, and the balm keeps my hair in place all day. And its got a great menthol kick." --William Coppage 

A big thanks to each person who took time to offer input and share their experience with us.  And double thanks to Mr. Coppage for graciously offering the explanation on his use of the ASB as a hair cream.  (A few of our sons are going to give this idea a try.)

Do you use our aftershave balm in a way not already mentioned?  Let us know!


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