Shirts, Soaps, and a Sale!

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by Carrie

Whew, it's the LAST DAY of our 30 Day "Blog Your Brand" Challenge!  Big props to all who have taken the time to read, encourage, support, and share these posts over the past month. I plan to keep blogging regularly (but not every day), so if you have a suggested topic just let us know.

Now...onto the fun stuff.  We recently shared that we'll be moving in a few weeks, which will mean shutting the site down for a bit.  The great news, though, is that we have a few exciting things planned for the weeks leading up to that point:

  1. T-Shirts.  Yes!!  These arrived today and we're hoping to have them up on the website soon.  For the time being we're only stocking the black shirts and the sizes range from Adult S-XXL (limited amount of the smallest and largest sizes).  Can't wait to share these with you guys!

  2. Limited Edition Soaps.  In addition to our Core line (like Courage, Passion, etc.) and our Seasonal scents (like Gusto, Renewal, etc.) we're going to try offering some smaller sized Limited Edition shaving soaps.  These will be 3 oz (half the size of our regular ones) and will be in "shorter" containers, still with the head space to load right in the tub.  Our first LE will be Refreshment, which is our Sweet Tea fragrance.  This was our 2014 Summer Scent and has been a frequent request recently.  

  3. THE Sale.  Join us on July 31st for our biggest sale of the year:  22 years of marriage = 22% discount.  The entire site will be discounted for that one day, no coupon code needed. 

Back to the "shutting the site down" part...we'll be closing the site at midnight after the sale and will keep it closed for probably 1-2 weeks.  During that time we'll be packing orders from the sale and transitioning our family into our new home.  For the most part we'll be accessible via email and social media, and we will keep everyone updated on how things are coming along regarding the transition and the re-open date.  Be sure to connect with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or our Newsletter (link at the bottom of the page) and join us in the journey!


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