Soap Commander Samples: The Key To Avoiding Buyer's Remorse

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by Carrie

Have you ever been frustrated by spending money to purchase a full-size product, only to find out you don't like it?  Maybe it's the scent that's not pleasing to you, or the formula/ingredients just isn't a good fit for your skin, or you're just let down by it's lack-luster performance.  Any number of factors can contribute to buyers remorse and we don't want that happening to you.  So we've taken steps to minimize the chances of that occurring when you purchase from us here at Soap Commander by offering samples.

Meet Levi & Ruth...our efficient Sample Labeling Team!

Here's a quick run down of the samples we offer:

  1. Shaving Soap.  These are the only samples that we currently offer for sale (check them out here).  You can purchase them individually or by the set, depending on what best fits your needs.  Each individual square is a little over half an ounce and you can easily get 5-7 shaves out of it (some people have reported being able to use it more than a dozen times).  Check the end of this post for some tips that will make using our shaving soap samples easy, efficient, and effective.
  2. Aftershave Balm.  These are not for sale, but find their way into many customers' boxes, especially with orders that contain shaving soap samples.  Many people are hesitant to try a full size ASB, not knowing how they'll like the menthol feel.  Our sample packets (as shown in the picture at the top of this post) contain enough for a few post shave sessions, since you only need a very small amount each time.
  3. Moisturizing Lotion.  Admittedly, the majority of men don't flock to lotion (but their wives do!).  A sample of our lotion has introduced many a reluctant-lotion-using man to the wonders of its moisturizing power.  And for those hold-outs who refuse to give it a shot, there's usually a female in their lives that is willing to take it off their hands.
  4. Bath Soap.  We don't usually include samples of our bath soaps, but try to accommodate the request when it comes up.  Occasionally we do have end pieces or slivers left over from cutting our soap loaves, which provide enough for a few washes for you to try it out.  

While we only offer the shaving soap samples for purchase, we do include a sample of one of our products with every order we send out (because who doesn't like free stuff?).  If you're placing an order and have a specific request, let us know!  The easiest way to do that is to leave a comment in the Cart section of our website, telling us what product or what scent you're interested in trying.  If we have the sample on hand, we'll toss it (nicely) into your box.  And if we don't have it available, we'll include something similar.  

(Due to the time and costs involved, we're not able to send out free samples apart from orders....sorry!)

Bonus Section:  Using Soap Commander Shaving Soap Samples

One of our good friends created a short video showing an easy and effective way to get maximum usage out of our shaving soap samples.  In a nutshell, you add a very little water to the bottom of your bowl and add the sample.  Swirl it around a few times and as it dries it ends up sticking to the bottom.  Go ahead and lather and use as normal, then flip the bowl upside down to dry and in a couple of hours (or the next morning) you can pop it out and replace it with a different sample.  The beginning of this video demonstrates this concept, so you only need to watch the first part (but it wouldn't hurt to watch to the end, as he shares his thoughts on our Motivation scent....thanks, Scott!).


 Have you ever received an unexpected sample with an order?  If so, how did it influence your subsequent purchase from that company?


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