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The sense of smell influences many parts of our life, beyond the obvious.  Research shows that scents can impact our emotions, memories, productivity, and even our perception of how fast time passes.  For most of us, scents are also just fun.  They make life more interesting and give "character" to our activity.  Shavers, especially, find scents play an important role in setting the tone for their day, and with the enormous variety of shaving software available, there is no lack of scents to choose from.

Here at Soap Commander we're always happy to answer questions about our scents or help customers choose a fragrance they will enjoy.  Since we receive so many inquiries pertaining to scents, we thought this might be a good time to answer some of the more frequently asked questions about our fragrances.  (If you're mainly interested in scent profiles, just scroll on down to see our Scent Chart located at the end of this post.)

Q: What is your most popular scent?
A: Courage, by far.

Q: If I don't like the scent of my product, can I return it?
A:  No, we don't accept returns based on fragrance preference.  However, you can discover which scents are your favorites by purchasing samples of our shaving soaps.  They are an inexpensive way to experience the various fragrances without committing to a full size product yet.

Q: Do you have any scents for women?
A:  Many of our scents work well for both ladies and men, but the ones that women choose most often include Inspiration, Motivation, and Love.  However, ladies, be warned....we hear back from many women that they have to hide their products because their guys are equally liking the scent!

Q: I'm looking for a deep, robust scent.  What do you recommend?
A:  Passion!  This complex fragrance showcases a woodsy, spicy mix.  (And is reportedly quite the women-attractor, for those that care to know.)

Q: I love citrus!  Which scents will I like?
A:  If lime's your thing, you'll definitely want to give Respect (Lime Patchouli) a shot. Inspiration (Japanese Grapefruit) offers a mix of tart grapefruit toned down and rounded out by some sweetness from tangerine and mandarin.  Both Respect and Inspiration are crisp, bright, perk-you-up scents.  Additionally, for Summer 2015, we have Gusto---an energetic, tart/sweet combo of raspberry lemonade.

Q: Does your Love scent smell like fresh roses, or does it have "green" or artificial overtones to it?
A:  We've received great feedback on our Love scent and customers confirm that it smells just like fresh, true roses.

Q: Do any of your scents contain menthol or mint?
A:  We don't add menthol to any of our products, with the exception of our Aftershave Balm.  Both Vision and Wisdom do, however, contain peppermint (which can have a cooling, slightly menthol-like effect.)

Q: I want a scent that will stay on me all day.  Which one will do that?
A:  None of our products are specifically formulated for long-lasting scent, but fragrances from our lotion and aftershave balm do tend to linger.  The deeper scents seems to stick around longer for most people, with the most popular in this category being Passion followed by Courage.

Q: I have a sensitivity to fragrances.  Do you have any scentless products?
A:  Yes, we surely do.  Check out our selection of Integrity products, which contain no added scent.

Q:  Can you shuck this all down in chart form, please?
A:  Absolutely.  Here you go:

Q:  What is Darren's favorite scent?  What about Carrie's?
A:  We really enjoy the various seasonal scents, but the mainstays for Darren are Endurance and Vision.  And you can score brownie points with Carrie for talking up her favorite, Respect.

What's your favorite Soap Commander scent?


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