7 Reasons Why We Write Thank You Notes

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by Carrie

We've heard from many of our customers how much they appreciate receiving a handwritten thank you note with their order from us and that they're surprised by it.  What might be surprising, though, are some of our reasons behind writing them:

  1. We're grateful for your order.  Probably not too surprising of a reason, but we're honestly thankful for every single order we receive.  This soap business is our livelihood and every time you purchase from us you're supporting our family financially.  Similarly, every time you order you're sending us a message of encouragement that spurs us on.
  2. We're grateful for you.  We're a people-oriented family and we care about others.  A thank you note is a small way for us to say you matter to us and we notice you.
  3. It's what we've done from the beginning.  When we were a brand new company (originally called Simply 7 Skincare) we were thrilled to have any order at all, so writing a thank you was our way of celebrating.  
  4. Manners.  We grew up being taught to thank the person who does something nice for us.  Simple as that.
  5. It's quicker than a phone call.  Twenty-four hours in a day isn't enough time to call and verbally touch base with every customer, so this is our Plan B. (Besides, we're often packing boxes when other people are sleeping and we didn't think a 2 am thank you call (though heart-felt and sincere) would be appreciated.)
  6. Do unto others.  Don't get us wrong, we love getting emails/messages and are so grateful for the people who take time out of their day to share a few words with us (keep 'em coming!).  But going to the mailbox and finding a tangible piece of encouragement...well, that's pretty much icing on the cake. 
  7. It helps us.  Taking time to sit down, look over an order, and write a note to the purchaser helps us to feel more connected to the people using our products.  And that's honestly a great blessing to us.  It might be a small pebble, but it's still a integral part of the bridge between you and us.

"Thank you" can be a powerful way to impact someone's day, especially when they're not expecting it.  It doesn't have to take long and it doesn't have to cost a dime.  Email, phone call, flowers, card....take time this week to express your gratitude to someone, just because.  (And if you're really ambitious, choose 7 different people and make it a daily thing.)

Can you remember receiving a Thank You that really stood out to you?  If so, what made it so special?



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