A Short Interview with the Commander of Coffee

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Yesterday I shared a bit about Noah, the young man behind the roaster.  What I didn't share about, though, was his actual coffee so I did a short little interview with him (see below).

Another thing I didn't mention was his commitment to making this coffee endeavor truly "his", from start to finish.  The equipment, the beans, the packaging....all of it has been purchased completely by him.  He is also the one that spent months reading, researching, testing, blending, taking detailed notes, practicing, planning, and preparing.  Darren and I have supervised and advised, but mainly stayed out of his way, which has worked out well for all of us.  Except when he's needed some testers, and then we're available and at the ready :)



Me:  Just so everyone knows, how old are you?

Noah: I'll be 16 in July.


Me: When did you begin drinking coffee?

Noah: I had my first real cup of coffee when I was 10.  It's a "rite of passage" in our house to turn 10 and get access to the coffee pot.


Me: Tell me about the coffee beans you use.

Noah: The finest beans come from mountainous areas with a tropical climate.  The beans I'm using for this South American blend are sourced from Brazil and Colombia and are roasted to a medium intensity.


Me: How do you prepare the coffee beans?

Noah: I carefully weigh each batch that I roast, before and after roasting.  Using my Behmor roaster, I make sure the beans are roasted slowly and churned until the crackling becomes constant.  I've timed how long it takes to get the specific roast level I'm desiring, and I watch each batch closely along with listening for the auditory clues.  If a batch doesn't come out perfect, I don't sell it.  (Instead, we brew it for home use.)


Me: Where do you purchase your beans?

Noah: I've chosen to source my beans from a small company that deals directly with the coffee farmers.  This coffee supports them and helps them feed their families.  Buying this coffee helps change the world, one cup at a time.


Me: Why would a teen spend hours a day roasting coffee?

Noah: I love coffee!  If I didn't sell it, I'd still roast it.  But selling coffee gives me entrepreneurial experience at a young age to help me in the future.  I'd like to one day open a restaurant/coffee shop.


Me: Any plans in the works?

Noah: Yes, definitely.  Around the end of July (possibly near my birthday), I'm hoping to have some new roasts available.  Next up will be a dark roast.

Our coffee is available in 8 oz. bags (whole bean or ground) or as a 9-pack of k-cups.  Find it here on the Soap Commander website.

Already tried Soap Commander coffee?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!


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