From Precocious Preschooler to Passionate Percolator

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We'll blame it on his Dad.  For leaving the cup of coffee on the edge of the counter with a precocious preschooler in the house.  Maybe that one cup is The Cup that started it all....


Or maybe God just made him that way.  

Regardless, I blinked and that precocious preschooler is now almost 16, ready to take on the world.  His current mission is to show others how great God is, through his life and his coffee---a passion that might have roots in a cup of java that was within reach of his little hands.  But actually his life has been full of passion, dreams, fire, and exuberance since he came into this world.  He was born ready to tackle life, make a difference, and squeeze every morsel of excitement he can out of each day.  

This is our Noah.

Why am I writing a blog post just about one child?  No, he's not my singular favorite (though he might try to convince you that he is), but rather it's because of his recent decision to join Darren and I in bringing a new offering to the Soap Commander line of products:  Coffee.  Noah's entrepreneurial ventures have included gardening and cooking (mercy, this child can COOK!), and we're thrilled that he's brought his talents to the table (pun intended) with his caffeinated concoctions.  I'll share more about his coffee in tomorrow's blog post, but for now I just wanted to give a small glimpse into the young man behind the roaster.  I could write pages about how incredible he is and how much I'm learning from him, but I can sum it up with this: his tenacious and robust spirit is a joy to witness and I'm especially aware of the awesome privilege I have of being a part of his life.  

Want to know more about this eager entrepreneur?  Shoot Noah an email at or comment below.  He's happy to share more about his interests, his plans, and maybe, if you're fortunate, even a recipe or two :).



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