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New Job Position: Opossum Slayer

Posted on 15 June 2015

I've got a little story to share and I'll keep it short.  (There is a point to this, so humor me.)

This morning I went out on the porch to feed and water our cute little kitten crew.  As I was bent down, enjoying their sweet meowing and purring, something to the right of me caught my eye.  Sure enough, I found I was standing less than 2 feet from an opossum.  Right on my own porch (while our awesome guard dog slept peacefully under our van).  I'm not a fast runner, but I immediately sprinted to the opposite end of the porch, pretty much instantaneously, and burst into the house to find Darren.  Who, of course, would take care of the opossum for me and save the day (once I could catch my breath and tell him what was going on). Opossum Slayer.  (Sorry about the smudgy pic...I took this through the kitchen door window.  I was not about to go out and share the same space again with The Creature.)

What does this have to do with our company and why am I telling you this?  

Because most of you know Darren and I as the faces/names behind Soap Commander.  The people who make and ship the products that you purchase from us.  But that's not all we want you to know.  We want you to know that we're just average, friendly, next-door-neighbor people.  We want you to know that we're parents, who love getting hugs and kisses, but spend a good portion of our day still refereeing "sibling disturbances".  We want you to know that we're madly in love, but still get on each other's nerves every now and then.  In a nutshell?  We're pretty much just like you.

So we hope you'll feel comfortable getting to know us better, because we'd love to know you better.  Shoot us an email, comment on our social media posts, ask questions.  We're here for more than just "selling products".  Yes, we are Makers---but we also fulfill roles such as Dad, Mom, Teacher, Counselor, Friend, Playmate, Cook, Housekeeper, Chauffeur, and more.

And sometimes we even get to be The Opossum Slayer.

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