30 Day Blog Challenge: We're In!

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Welcome, friends...Carrie here!  

I love challenges.  Doable challenges, that is.  So when Donna Maria (Indie Business Network) and Stacia Guzzo (Handcrafted Honey Bee) teamed up to issue a 30 day blogging challenge, my interest was piqued.  I had blogged previously, but not regularly, and have felt the need to revive the habit of blogging.  However, I just didn't feel like I had time.  I still don't feel like I have time....but I'm jumping in with both feet anyway.

Which means that you'll (hopefully) be seeing a new blog post here every day for the next month.  My goal is to make it consistently through the 30 days, while delivering interesting and useful content.  I plan to share a little more behind the scenes at Soap Commander, including information about the ingredients we use, our processes, and our products, while also giving you a better glimpse into who we are and what makes us tick.  And of course the wide world of wetshaving provides plenty for us to share about, also.

While I'd be more comfortable with Darren doing the blogging (and most of you would find that immensely more interesting!) I'm the voice you'll hear most often here for the next 30 days, so I hope you'll tag along, be patient with me, and provide feedback when you can (I'm good with constructive criticism, so be honest!).

Have an idea for us to blog about?  Something you want to know?  Tell me.  Leave a comment on this post or feel free to email us at info@soapcommander.com 

Here's to an exciting 30 days (and more) together!  

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  • Posted on by Anne-Marie

    I can’t wait to see what you blog and am so happy you took the challenge! =)

    I’m curious about your coffee – how you ended up selling coffee and what makes your blend special so that’s a blog idea …

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