Core, Seasonal, and Limited Editions?

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by Carrie

The structure of our product offerings underwent some changes this past fall, and we wanted to help everyone understand what we've got, how long we'll have it, and why it's in our line-up.

Core Line.
Our Core Line features shaving soap, aftershave balm, bath soap, and body lotion in 8 Core scents, plus our Unscented variety, called "Integrity".  While we might occasionally be out of stock on an item here or there, these are the products and scents you can count on finding every time you visit our website at

Four times a year we feature a new fragrance to coordinate with the current season.  Our Seasonal product selections include shaving soap, aftershave balm, and bath soap, and occasionally a matching body lotion.  Seasonal products stay in stock (to the best of our ability) for the duration of that particular season.  

Limited Edition. 
We test many fragrances that do not become part of our Core or Seasonal line, but that we think you'd enjoy as much as we do.  Limited Edition (LE) shaving soaps allow us to share these gems with you, as well as to bring back previous years' Seasonal scents for another short run.  Featured once a month, our LE shaving soaps come in a smaller container, holding only 3 oz. of products as compared to our normal 6 oz.  Appropriately, they cost less also, allowing you the opportunity to change things up without breaking the bank.  Some months the LE soap will be accompanied by a matching aftershave balm (2 oz. size) and/or a matching bath soap.  These LE products are made in limited numbers, so when they're gone, they're gone.

TAD Bath Soaps.
TAD = Temporary Additional Duty.  As their name implies, these bars don't have a permanent assignment in our product line.  TAD bath soaps are our chance to get a little more creative while allowing you to add some zip and zing to your shower or bath.  You'll see a variety of colors and fragrances used in these bars, and the selection will be unpredictable.  Popular scents will make re-appearances, but on their own timetable.

Bottom Line:  Variety with dependability.  




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