Headquarters Transition Time, Part 1 (mid July)

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by Carrie

About 2.5 months ago we shared that we had purchased a new (to us) home and would be moving our family and business to a new location in Ardmore, AL.  In fact, many of you have even received products that are labeled with our new address.  So why are we still living in Cherokee?

Because of this awesome guy right here:

This is our oldest son, Luke (age 19).  He's one of those if-I-can-envision-it-I-can-build-it type people (thank you, Legos!).  After Darren had met with multiple contractors and discussed a number of options for the remodeling we wanted to do, Luke came to us and asked if we would allow him to handle the project.  It took us all of about a split second and a glance between us to arrive at Yes.  The 3 of us then spent time working through what that would actually mean in terms of time frame (Luke's working a full time job and taking a couple of online classes for college) and also what parts of the project would still need to be hired out (such as some of the plumbing and electrical).  In the end we all decided to go for it and are so glad we did.

The remodeling has taken a good bit longer than we originally anticipated, but we're thankful to have to wait.  We know the work is being done by a trustworthy person, and paying our own son, rather than a random stranger, is a pleasure indeed.  At this point, we're planning for an early August move into the new Headquarters, right on the heels of our biggest sale of the year (yes, that was a hint....be watching for more details).

Here's a few Before & During pics of the two main projects:

Converting the garage into a dedicated soap space (YES!):  

BEFORE: Garage space (the truck is not ours)

DURING: Subfloor being laid in our new soaping space 

and an enclosure/addition for schoolbooks and coffee roasting/grinding (double YES!):

BEFORE: Covered porch & patio area

DURING: Walls up on the new school-coffee area

Lots of smaller projects are being tackled along the way also, with Darren and 2 of the other boys spending a couple of days each week at the new house working on drywall, sanding, painting, gardening, lawn care, and more.  I'm grateful to have a group of guys who work willingly and diligently to make our family vision a reality!

What plans or projects do you have going on this summer?


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