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Bath Soap Sticks

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Bath Soap

Sometimes our bath soaps turn out a little larger than we expect and the bars need to be cut down a bit in order to fit in their boxes.  When that happens, we’re left with these “soap sticks”.

For years we’ve just used them here in our own home as drawer fresheners or fillers for the Soap Nets we keep in the shower.  And we thought maybe you’d like to do so as well!

Each set of Bath Soap Sticks comes packaged in a nice organza bag, ready to slip into a clothing drawer, hang in a closet, or stash away under the bathroom sink.   (Need a Soap Net to fill?  Find it here!).    

While we can’t guarantee any particular color or scent choice, we can guarantee the quality of the soap as well as the fact that the weight of your bag of soap sticks will meet (or exceed) the size you’ve chosen.

**Now Available!!  Soap Stick Travel Containers**  Fill these metal tins with Soap Commander soap sticks for an easy and sanitary soap-on-the-go!  No more worries about a restroom being out of soap or having to touch contaminated surfaces.  With our new Travel Containers, you’re prepared and protected, no matter what.

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