Book - How To Make Shaving Soap

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How To Make Shaving Soap

Charting Your Course to the Land of Lather - by Carrie Seibert.

We are so pleased to announce to the world that the very first book ever in print on the process of how to make shaving soap is now complete and ready for purchase.

Welcome to the Land of Lather with professional soapmaker Carrie Seibert as your guide. Learn how to make artisan shaving soap from an industry insider.  Carrie will take you on a journey through learning the basics, finding necessary tools, understanding the building blocks, equipping you to troubleshoot, resources and more.

How to Make Shaving Soap is filled with insight, personality, and empowering information. The market is wide open and growing in the men's wet shaving category.  Opportunities abound.  With this book, Carrie is opening the doors to the Soap Commander's shop to show you how to learn this valuable skill.  Soap Commander creates high-quality, handcrafted skincare products that utilize natural ingredients and captivate the senses.

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