Soap Commander, LLC, creates high-quality, handcrafted skincare products that utilize natural ingredients and captivate the senses.  Our mission is to equip you to Live Life Charged, beginning with your daily personal care routine.  We provide the opportunity for you to make the most of each day with our Take Charge line of products for both men and women.   We specialize in crafting Shaving Soaps, Aftershave Balms and Bath Soaps all in coordinating scents (and even unscented) that provide the user the Take Charge Experience they are truly looking for.




When our oldest daughter was a toddler, we discovered that she had eczema.   Seeing the challenges she faced, we sought natural ways to relieve her discomfort and minimize the itching that plagued her.  Out of our quest for natural products came the creation of various skincare products, including handcrafted soap.  From the first batch, we were hooked. 
While our intention was focused on simply helping our daughter, word got around and we began sharing our products with family, friends, and interested acquaintances.  As the number of requests for our products increased, we started selling our soaps and opened Simply 7 Skincare in early 2012. 
Gratefully, our business grew and expanded, especially among our male customers.  Soon thereafter, Darren discovered the art of traditional wet shaving and we began researching and formulating men’s aftershave and shaving soap.  A series of God-ordained events created an opportunity for us to re-brand, with a special emphasis on handcrafted, male grooming products.  
As a result, we designed Soap Commander---a bold, masculine place for men to shop that still offered the nurturing skincare products our ladies had come to know and love.  Honoring the past, while looking toward the future, the Soap Commander brand reflects both Darren’s career in the Navy and our desire to see men and women embrace each new day, equipped and excited to Live Life Charged. 




Darren (the original Soap Commander) and his wife of 20-plus years, Carrie, founded Soap Commander, LLC in the Spring of 2014 with the goal of creating a sustainable business that serves others while supporting their family.  They recently moved to Ardmore, Alabama (on the Alabama/Tennessee Border) where they work, home-school, and raise their family of seven children. 
Darren, a retired Navy Veteran, runs the technical side of the business including website design and upkeep, inventory control, coordination of events/venues, and purchasing.  Meanwhile, Carrie concentrates on research, formulation, and production.  Together, they strive to combine their abilities to work as a unified team in their home and in their business, for the glory of the Lord!




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