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- Soap Stand and Handle in One!

We are so excited to be one of the first retailers for these items. We have been using prototype versions for over six months and we love having them in our home. We keep a bar of soap on a SoapStandle at our sinks and in each shower---we don't want to ever be without these handy holders!

Soapstandles are made with reusable and earth-friendly material. The Soapstandle attaches to the bottom of the bar so that air can circulate and dry more efficiently, thereby making your bar soaps last longer (since they won't be sitting in water, getting mushy and messy). Simply press the pointed prongs into the bar soap and use as you normally would. No need to remove the SoapStandle until you're ready to switch bars. Not only is the SoapStandle a simple concept, but it's also economical. This re-useable little gadget doesn't wear down with use, so no need to replace it on a regular basis.

(Remember, you'll also be saving money since your bar soaps will last longer!)


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