Hope Experience
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Hope Experience

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Men's Take Charge Experience

This set includes one each of our Hope products (Shaving Soap, Aftershave Balm, and Bath Soap) for a $3.00 savings.



We couldn't find a more fitting name to close out 2020.  So many factors have worked to divide us over the past year, but HOPE is one thing we can all have in common.  Join us as we make 2021 a memorable year, full of HOPE.

In terms of fragrance notes, HOPE is a bright blend of Cranberry, Cypress, and Citrus with comforting touches of evergreens, lavender, tonka, and eucalyptus. 

HOPE will be available throughout the Winter in our regular size containers (6 oz. shaving soap, 4 oz. aftershave balm, 4 oz. aftershave splash, 4.25 oz. bath soap, and a .65 oz. shaving soap sample).  

$ 30.00
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