Family Experience
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Family Experience

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Men's Take Charge Experience

This set includes one each of our Family products (Shaving Soap, Aftershave Balm, and Bath Soap) for a $3.00 savings.

We are living in the middle of some crazy times. In the middle of the storms of life the strength of FAMILY remains.

A collaboration of the Rich Man Shaving Group and Soap Commander, FAMILY is a fresh, warm, and uplifting scent combination based on citrus, cedar, and coconut.  Assistance from notes of bergamot, ginger, hibiscus, musk, and rum (with just a touch of sugar) creates an easy pathway to the islands....a place you can go to relax, refresh, and just be yourself.  Similar, you might say, to a place of FAMILY.  

FAMILY is available in our regular size containers (6 oz. shaving soap, 4 oz. aftershave balm, 4 oz. aftershave splash, and 4.25 oz. bath soap). 

$ 30.00
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