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Viva Experience

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Men's Take Charge Experience

This set includes one each of our Viva products (Shaving Soap, Aftershave Balm, and Bath Soap) for a $3.00 savings.

 VIVA:  Long Live!

Viva Summer!  As the craziness of 2020 continues, we continue to look for ways to embrace the positive.  And Summer sure brings lots of positives for us, doesn't it?  Time outside, relaxed schedules, lazy-hazy hammock days, vacations, staycations, barbecues, and beaches.

While the seaside resort may not be your current physical location, it can easily be your mental destination with the help of VIVA.  Relaxing tones of sea salt and ozone create a steady, rhythmic foundation on which uplifting florals and greenery frolic in the breeze.  Orchids, jasmine, and lily-of-the-valley dance lightly on the sun-kissed sand as the surf surges and sways in its endless song:  Viva Summer!

VIVA will be available throughout the Summer, in our regular size containers (6 oz. shaving soap, 4 oz. aftershave balm, 4 oz. aftershave splash, 4.25 oz. bath soap, and a .65 oz. shaving soap sample).  


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