Bounty Experience
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Bounty Experience

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Men's Take Charge Experience

This set includes one each of our Bounty products (Shaving Soap, Aftershave Balm, and Bath Soap) for a $3.00 savings.

BOUNTY: something that is given generously; liberality in giving; generosity; yield especially of a crop

Hot apple cider...toasted marshmallows...the crisp air punctuated by the laughter, songs, and stories shared around an evening bonfire.  Savoring all that nourishes body and soul, we embrace the bounty of Fall, storing up a generous harvest of friendships and memories that carries us through the changing seasons of life.

Our version of BOUNTY is a warm, inviting blend of spiced apple cider, aged oak, toasted marshmallow, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla.  (PLEASE NOTE: If you have sensitive skin, this fragrance may not be a good fit for you, due to the presence of the spice tone.)

BOUNTY will be available throughout the Fall, in our regular size containers (6 oz. shaving soap, 4 oz. aftershave balm, 4 oz. aftershave splash, 4.25 oz. bath soap, and a .65 oz. shaving soap sample).  


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