Pump Top for Aftershave Balm Container

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Aftershave Balm

Finally....an easier way to dispense our Aftershave Balm!  

Many of you have requested an alternative way to access all the creamy goodness of our aftershave balms, and we think we've found the answer.  These sleek treatment pumps can replace the flip cap that comes standard with our 4 oz. bottles of aftershave balm.  (Pump comes separate and is not pre-installed in the bottle.)

In addition to making your post-shave routine easier, these pumps put you in the driver's seat of how much product to dispense.  Do you need 1 pump worth of balm? Or 2...3...4?  You decide.  More control = Less waste!

**Please Note: These treatment pumps only fit our current 4 oz. aftershave balm bottles.  They will not work with 2 oz. or 8 oz. containers.

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